Celtic Studios was designed to showcase a working Chatbot.
To see the full potential of a Chatbot, scroll down and interact with it like you are someone looking for a wedding photographer !

Make the most of YOUR website visitors !

In the current business climate, we have to make the most of EVERY visitor we get to our website!
To keep them interested and on the website longer, we need to 'Engage' them into a conversation with a 'Chatbot'.
The Chatbot is capable of establishing why they are visiting your site, and can also obtain their name, email, phone number and date of wedding, allowing you to easily follow up interest in your services.

Add a 1st Class Chatbot to YOUR wedding website for the price of a 2nd Class stamp !*

For FULL pricing details and a personalised Demo Chatbot...

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*Equates to £0.66 / Day